Pump Battles are pump track events for riders on all levels, with all sorts of bikes. The pump track we use for our events, are built out of standard modular pump track elements.

Competition at location:

This season Pump Battle will organize several events throughout Europe. During each event we will crown an event winner and at the end of the season we will crown the season’s overall fastest rider. This season the Pump Battles will run by a different format as last season.

2017 Pump Battle Event Format

Qualifying Jam Session

The qualifying format is totally new.
During a two hour qualifying Jam Session, all riders can take as many attempts as they want to set their best time. Live timing will make sure that all the riders know if they made the cut to the head 2 head finals.

After the two hour Jam Session we will cut down to the 16 fastest male riders and 8 fastest female riders. These competitors are qualified for the head to head finals.

Head to Head finals:

In every heat two riders will take place behind the BMX Pro Gate.

As the gate drops the riders will head to head.

The fastest rider of every heat will qualify for the next round, two men in, one man out!
In the end only two riders will remain. They will battle for the win.

Online Competition:

The locations of the single Pump Battle Events may be different,
but the pump track is the same everywhere.
By using the Mobii timing system at all our events, we have created an unique race concept.

All the competitors will have a Mobii timing chip on their bike, which will register the race times of every single competitor.
The set times will automatically go online at the Pump Battle website.

It doesn’t matter at which location you compete for a Pump Battle Event,
the pump track lay-out and timing system are always the same.

This gives you the unique opportunity to compare your time with all the other riders, not only at the event you attend, but also all the other Pump Battle Events around the globe.
It also gives you the opportunity to compare your time with your best buddy, or the winner of the event in Riva del Garda.
How cool is that!

At the end of the season we will crown the competitor with the season best time!

Don’t hesitate to sign up at www.pumpbattle.com and get your Mobii profile. See you at one of the Pump Battle Events around Europe.


28th of April: BIKE Festival - Riva del Garda ITA

General Information:

Date: Friday 28th of April 2017
Location: Main Square, La Rocca, Riva del Garda, Italy

Prize money:

Totale prize money: € 1.500,- euro

Time Schedule:

Friday 28.04.2017
14:00 – 16:00 Registration
15:00 – 16:15 Practice
17:00 – 19:00 Time Qualification – Jam Session
(In these 2 hours all riders can take as much runs as they can to set the best possible time)
19:30 – 21:00 Head 2 head finals + prize ceremony


6th of May: Papendal Festival - Arnhem NED

General Information:

Detailed information soon!

Prize money:

Detailed information soon!

Time Schedule:

Detailed information soon!

19th of May: BIKE Festival - Willingen GER

General Information:

Detailed information soon!

Prize money:

Detailed information soon!

Time Schedule:

Detailed information soon!

Riders Obligations:

Riders insurance
To participate in any Pump Battle event, all participants need to read, fill in and sign the Pump Battle – OWN RISK WAIVER.

Participants are obliged to cover their own insurance. 
Note: participants under the age of 16, need to have the waiver signed by his/her parent. 

Riders behavior at events:
Riders participating in the Pump Battle events shall act as professional sportsmen, and do not bring the organiser or any Pump Battle partner in disrespect. The riders respect the Pump Battle officials, and follow their instructions at any time during the event.

Riders safety:
Riders will bring with her/him all equipment needed in fully operational condition:
– Suitable bike
No bikes with any kind of automatically transmission,
Minimum size wheels = 20 inch,
No protruding parts on the bike, which can injure other riders.
– Protection gear
Helmet: Full face mandatory
Pants or knee protection is mandatory,
T-shirt is mandatory, long sleeve with pads is recommended.

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Pre registration:

Pump Battle: Who We Are

We are enthusiast bike riders, old professional BMX and MTB riders who wanted to bring our sport to the people.

After we stopped our professional carrier we were looking for a way to bring our enthusiasm to the big public.
With the pump battle i think we found a great way to do this.

The first Pump Battle was held in in the winter of 2013.
After Joost Wichman finally won his UCI MTB 4X World Champion Title it was time to party in style.

At Disco/Club “De Radstake” Joost invited his friends to race and party inside the disco.
A modular pumptrack was built up in the middle of the club. At midnight, during a rave party, riders went head 2 head to battle for the win.
Video: https://vimeo.com/80679954

This event was such a huge success that we decided to bring this concept to the people.
With our company 360BOOST we created the Pump Battle Series, the ultimate Urban pumptrack race events!

Lay out 1: Pump Dome

The Pump Straight is 60 meters of pumping madness.
This lay-out is perfect for beginners, but also a great challenge for pro riders.
Most beginners are struggling in turns, as this lay-out hasn’t got any turns it suites every level of riding.
This lay-out is available in a single and dual lay-out.
The single lay-out is perfect for try-out events.
The dual layout is a real crowd pleaser and excellent for providing a great show on site.
Pro riders will gain so much speed on this straight that they will challenge themselves to jump obstacles.
You can race against the clock, but the dual lay-out guarantees exciting head 2 head racing.

Lay out 2: Pump Straight

Enter the dome, a 45 meters long oval Pumptrack.
This lay-out will let you go round and round over and over again.
Once you start you can’t stop pumping, endless fun.
The perfect lay-out for a market square 30 by 8 meters.
Competitors can challenge themselves to set the fastest lap time,
but during the “Pump Dome Pursuit”, 2 riders start at the same time and will try to catch the each other.
Two riders in, one rider out.. Riders ready watch the gate!

Global timing by Mobii

Both standard lay-outs, Pump Straight & Pump Dome, can be equipped with our Mobii timing system.
All riders at the event will be able to set a time, and compare this time with all the other riders and even with other events.
Timing will be live at our website www.pumpbattle.com or at our app thanks to Mobii Timing System.
Welcome to the first ever Online, Urban Pumptrack competition.
*Note, as the pump track is modular, we are able to create all kinds of lay-outs.
Please contact us for special lay-outs.


Get In Touch!

Looking for an unique, urban bike event, which gets riders and audience excited?
An event which brings exciting racing to the people?
We are looking forward to create an unique urban cycling experience with you.


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